• To carry out the duties of a Teacher as set out in the Personnel Manual
  • To continue to meet the required standards for Qualified Teacher StatusPlan and deliver, in relation to the EYFS curriculum with regard for the school’s vision and mission statements, own policies and schemes of work, the teaching programme for all children within the class
  • Provide clear structures for lessons and for sequences of lessons, which maintain pace, motivation and challenge whilst ensuring that planning identifies the key areas for progress and attainment
  • Make effective use of formative and summative assessment information on pupils’ attainment and progress in planning future lessons
  • Ensure children are provided with a well-structured, stimulating and relevant learning environment which reflects international best practice as well as our local context
  • Provide effective teaching of whole classes, groups and individuals, establishing high expectations of behaviour and attainment, so that teaching and learning objectives are met
  • Monitor and intervene when teaching to ensure sound learning and discipline and maintain a safe environment in which pupils feel confident to learn and take risks
  • Use a variety of teaching and learning styles to keep all pupils engaged
  • Be familiar with the Code of Practice – identification, assessment and support of pupils with special educational needs
  • Evaluate their own teaching to improve effectivenessAssess and record each pupil’s progress with reference to the school’s current practice, including the social progress of each child and use the results to inform planning
  • Ensure that clear, age appropriate targets for improvement are communicated to all students to ensure good progress
  • Mark and monitor classwork and home learning, providing constructive feedback and setting targets for future progress as appropriate
  • Provide reports on individual progress to professional colleagues and parents as required
  • Fulfil all requirements related to data uploads, tracking and target setting


  • Minimum S1 / Bachelor’s Degree in Education Certified as a Kindergarten Teacher (Guru TK)
  • Minimum 1 year experience working as a Kindergarten Teacher or minimum 4 years experience working as a Teaching
  • Assistant in Kindergarten level in an international school setting, supporting learning of students within the age range of 3-6 years
  • Possess professional teaching qualifications
  • Posses good written and verbal English and Indonesian language proficiencies
  • Posses communication and interpersonal skill in order to effectively liaise with students and other parties
  • Possess good facilitation and customer relations skills to cater students’ and parents’ needs related to learning services
  • Possess good computer literacy (Google Suites and Apple Office software)
  • Have good knowledge of and keep up to date with all aspects of the UK’s Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and current research on educational developments
  • Understand how pupils’ learning is affected by their physical, intellectual, emotional and social development and to understand the stages of child development
  • Be familiar with the school’s current systems and structures as outlined in policy documents and school improvement plans
  • Understand and know how EYFS data, both summative and formative, can be used to set clear targets for pupil’s achievement
  • Select and develop ICT skills/attributes to make full use of the technology available to students whilst ensuring they maintain their own skills base (for example using Google workshops, iPad savvy in-house programme, and any other soft skill may be required to perform this job).

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Tentang British School Jakarta

The site comprises two sections: Primary (including Kindergarten) and Secondary (Junior, for twelve to fourteen-year-olds; and Senior, for fifteen to eighteen-year-olds).

The Primary and Secondary sections each house a Sports Hall and Libraries. Other facilities include a well-equipped Music Department; a state-of-the-art BSJ World Theatre; a Language Acquisition Centre; an olympic-size Swimming Pool with touch-pad time recording equipment; ample playing fields and Tennis Courts. All classrooms are air-conditioned and equipped with air purifiers, LCD projectors, interactive whiteboards, and computers.

Sekolah Internasional