• Male Indonesian
  • 25 years old and above
  • Minimum of 2 – 4 years of school laboratory assistant experience
  • Bachelor’s degree holder of any science-related courses
  • Preferably with minimum of 2-4 years of science teaching experience
  • Solid knowledge on Indonesia’s IPA curriculum
  • Basic knowledge and experience in Cambridge’s IGCSE, AS and A level science laboratory activities
  • Confidence in speaking and in writing basic scientific English.

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Asuransi Kesehatan Pribadi

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Tentang Surabaya Cambridge School

Surabaya Cambridge School is committed to mold individuals who seek lifelong learning and develop critical thinking that make them achieve their full potential.  This institution is focused on  providing students with activities that put more emphasis on ‘enabling learning’ rather than ‘teaching’.

To address the demands of a dynamic society, SCS provides services and innovative ways wherein character development or refinement is integrated.  Empowering the students with desirable behavior that will lead them to having a decent life is the shared mission of parents and educators since it encompasses the character values that are imparted first at home and reinforced in school.  Through this partnership, the clear vision of moulding individuals with excellent character will be attained. Furthermore, leading a lifestyle that reflects positive behavior is the most important contribution of our students to the community.

Our Character Education program includes the following pillars: Godliness – Nationalism – Optimism – Honesty – Punctuality – Diligence – Responsibility – Obedience – Benevolence – Politeness – Teamwork.

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