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Target the Correct Audience

An opportunity to only deliver your message to the specific group of people you are interested in through a targeted job board. With Edukasi Jobs you can be guaranteed that the right kinds of candidates are viewing your vacancy.


Jobs that are relevant to job seekers searching for work in the Education sector. Receive CVs or responses from potential candidates that are relevant for the position.


The quality of applicants is better. Applicants who use Edukasi Jobs are more passionate about the teaching and education, where they are seeking employment. Generalised job boards often result in applications from unqualified and inexperienced individuals.

Cost Effective

There is more value for money as the right people are seeing your job posting, meaning advertising is far more effective.

Reach the Passive Job Seeker

We require job seekers to register on the website and then provide them with regular updates via email to these registered candidates presenting even those who aren’t currently job hunting, with all the latest opportunities from top employers.

Promote Your School or Institution

Dengan menempatkan perusahaan Anda pada lowongan pekerjaan yang spesifik, anda dapat memastikan bahwa perusahaan anda dilihat oleh profesional industri berkualitas yang mencari pekerjaan Edukasi. Jadi pastikan perusahaan anda adalah yang mereka lihat!

Build a Strong Brand Profile

You have a targeted audience, where you can build a strong school or institute brand profile and presence among the people you’re trying to reach, which is far more cost efficient.

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